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The Presidential debates that took place last week were a waste of time in my opinion, and I know many who would say the same. McCain and Obama bickered back and forth, but never really got at substantial differences in their political philosophy. A good example is how they went on about nuances of interventionist foreign policy, but the question of whether we can afford to maintain such a world empire, the ethical objections, and the political repercussions of such a policy never made a blip on the radar.

The debates didn’t used to be so meaningless., a site pointed out to me recently by a friend, presents some incredibly interesting history. True like much of the non-mainstream political stuff it does smack of conspiracy theory a bit, yet they provide enough facts and references to be actually alarming. Their goal is basically to break the stranglehold of the two party regime, or at least its stagnation, by reopening the debates. I encourage you to check it out, tell friends, and in general become less apathetic. While you’re at it consider voting for a third party candidate.

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As I was using Google reader to look through blogs I subscribe to, and blogs my friends thought worthy of sharing I somehow landed on <no>ooxml which, if you have not been following is a good response to what appears to be Microsoft abusing an international standards body. I would say the petition on their site is worth signing.

More importantly that site led me to another site that is petitioning governments in general to adopt a better mindset towards software. The Hague Declaration is good stuff, and articulates many of my ideas about why open source matters and why people should care. Awareness is a big part of bringing about change. If you like the petition at least encourage people to read it.

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