Here is a short list of open source stuff I’ve worked on or am working on, probably you should just go to github if you are interested in this…

  • DgScorecard

    Demo app for Grails pattern and Spine.js app pairing that is actually usable for keeping golf score. The DG stands for Disc golf, which I am a fan of but I suppose you could use it for normal golf too.

  • Exercise Slots

    Simple app for selecting random exercises and reps between specified range for each exercise. Also includes the ability to manage exercise list. Uses Spine.js and jQuery

  • Gedit Grails Bundle/Gmate

    I started out with the Gedit Grails Bundle, which added syntax highlighting, plugins, and few other things to make Groovy and Grails development nicer in Gedit, Then I was contributing to the gmate project for a while, it kinda peetered out some, so for my own purposes I created a gEdit3Bundle to cater to my use of Gedit, which still involves a lot of Grails work, but much more coffeescript and related stuff.

  • Grails PDF plugin

    a Grails plugin for generating PDF’s on the fly from a .gsp file. No Longer Maintaining

  • Grails Spreadsheet Juicer Plugin

    Get the data out of a spreadsheet to import it into a database or whatever you might want to do with it on a web page. posted on github, but never actually released as a plugin

  • Hem

    A tool for assisting with the development of spine apps in particular or SPA’s in general

  • Spine.js

    A frontend MVC framework written in CoffeeScript that I help to maintain. I also help with upkeep of the various accessory projects connected to it.

  • mUXI

    Mobile frontend framework. HTML5, CSS3 and javascript to help in developing mobile web apps. Inspired by iUI, iWebkit, and others but with the goal of being more vendor neutral in fitting with the general idea of the web. Abandoned because jQuery Mobile was a much better project that came along shortly after.

  • Browser Tetris/jTetris

    Browser based simple game. Just for fun when html5 was a new idea. unfinished proof of concept, and experimentation with latest browser features. Did I mention I am not a game designer, and that this is unfinished. seriously don’t try to play it… it doesn’t work.